Kate Woodrow's 'Publishing Paths for Illustrators' Workshop on Modern Thrive

Friends, you MUST check out this workshop. My great friend, and the brains behind Present Perfect Dept., Kate Woodrow, is teaching a 3-day online course with Modern Thrive. Modern Thrive is a fantastic resource, chock-full of motivating workshops and ideas to help you take your business and ideas to the next level.

Kate's Modern Thrive course, Publishing Paths for Illustrators, is a three-session series that will delve into different ways illustrators can get published, how to develop compelling proposals and navigate the publishing world as an artist. (Oh, and did I mention that Kate has over ten years of experience in the publishing industry? In her time at Chronicle Books, Kate developed over 300 gorgeous books and gift products!)

This is a seriously fantastic opportunity to learn the real deal from a real gem. If I were you, I'd stop what you're doing right now, and head on over HERE to sign up.